McCAIN Foodservice division is now McCAIN Foodservice Advantage (June 2011)

New title emphasises its ongoing commitment to the foodservice market

The Australian foodservice division of McCAIN Foods has been renamed McCAIN FOODSERVICE ADVANTAGE to underscore the advantages it offers to foodservice professionals.

“At McCAIN FOODSERVICE ADVANTAGE, our focus is on providing our end-users with a competitive business advantage, and the new name reflects this,” says McCAIN Marketing Director Nicki Anderson.
A trusted supplier of products to the Australian foodservice market – including fries, speciality potato products, finger food, pizza and dinners, frozen vegetables and fruit – McCAIN Foodservice Advantage is committed to providing superior quality at a competitive price, but the advantage it offers end-users embraces much more than this.

“The McCAIN Foodservice Advantage is exemplified at each step of the production process and beyond, as well as in the value-added support and face to face representation we offer Australia’s foodservice professionals through our national Field Sales Team,” Nicki says.

“For example, in the case of McCAIN A Grade Fries we source the potatoes from carefully selected farmers based on the consistent quality of their crop. This ensures our end-users receive the advantage of top quality products sourced from high quality ingredients.”

“Once delivered to your establishment, McCAIN A Grade Fries offer a range of measurable business advantages – they give greater yield per kilo than B grade fries, which can reduce your stock and labour requirements; and their higher levels of potato solids also helps extend your oil life, reducing the costs associated with frequent oil replacement.”

“When plated and served, McCAIN A Grade Fries provide greater plate presentation and coverage, consistency in colour and size and a great taste to suit a wide range of palates, ensuring customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.”

“And in addition to the advantages gained in using our products, McCAIN also gives you the advantage of regular face to face communication with our field sales team. The sales team are there to provide answers to end-user queries, useful advice on getting the best out of our products, and help with related issues such as maximising the life of your cooking oil.”

“Our value-added support, which includes innovative programs such as My McCAIN Fries Advantage Rewards, is a further example of the advantage our foodservice end-users get by choosing McCAIN.”

Nicki emphasises that McCAIN Foodservice Advantage is making an ongoing commitment to ensuring that all foodservice professionals who choose McCAIN gain a business advantage as a result, and says further examples of this commitment will be announced in the coming months.

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