McCain Corn Kernels

Product Code 82319 | Pack Size 2kg

An all-round winner, McCain Corn Kernels are always sweet, plump and juicy, boasting excellent flavour and presentation.

Corn Kernels  
Cooking Guidelines
STOVE TOP 1. Place McCain Corn Kernels into a saucepan of boiling water. 2. Return to boil and continue to cook until tender: 100 g approx. 5 minutes 500 g approx. 5 minutes 3. Drain, season to taste. CAUTION: VEGETABLES WILL BE VERY HOT. BE CAREFUL TO AVOID STEAM BURNS. COOKING GUIDELINES MICROWAVE 1. Place McCain Corn Kernels into a microwave safe container. 2. Cover and microwave on HIGH: 100 g approx. 4 - 5 minutes 500 g approx. 9 minutes 3. Remove from microwave, season to taste. NOTE: Microwave instructions are based on a 750W oven. Please adjust accordingly.
Nutrition Information