McCain: Are you aware how much profit you make on fries per serve/plate?

Spiro: I have never sat down and calculated it exactly. We have large servings which is part of our offer and it’s about quality… if it costs me more, it costs me more, I’m more concerned with customer satisfaction and having customers return.

McCain: There are a lot of chicken shops everywhere, how do you deal with all the competition? What do you do differently to stand out?

Spiro: Quality, size of servings and pricing. I am aware of competitor prices around the area and we are competitive and serve the best quality and again this is what our customers tell us all the time.

McCain: What do your customers want in terms of fries?

Spiro: Quality, good flavour, crunch and hold time so the fries will still be good when they get home with their take away.

McCain: What advice do you have for chicken shop business owners when it comes to selecting fries?

Spiro: There are a lot of cheap bad quality fries out there, and I just wouldn’t touch it. I get offered fries every day at a cheap price, but I always test the food first. The way I test my fries, is I cook then box them and take them home, if they are nice and edible they are a good quality fry, this is why I stay with McCain.

McCain: How do you get new ideas for your menu?

Spiro: Networking with other owners, we all chit chat about what is working and what isn’t.